salg af SabetoFLEX steel pipe flashing, ridge

SabetoFLEX steel pipe flashing, ridge

With steel cone and collar. Roof flashing for chimneys, vent pipes and other kinds of outlets. Suitable for slate, felt roofing and other membranes.

Other dimensions or another roof pitch on request

colour silver, black
ridge 15°, 25°, 35°, 45°
diameter ø130, ø150, ø170, ø225, ø250, ø270
Vejledende pris inkl. moms: 2.503,75 DKK
(Vejledende pris excl. moms: 2.003,00 DKK)
(268,86 EUR EX. VAT)
For professionals only. No sales to private customers.
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