What is Flex-Flashing?

SabetoFLEX Flex- Flashing  is comprised of a PIB which is a flexible membrane that is designed to create a water-moisture and radon tight and prevent water and moisture from, for instance, a roof valleys and steer the water away from potential entry points. In modern buildings, flashing can be used to prevent water penetration of objects such as chimneys, vent pipes, walls, windows, and dormers. SabetoFLEX flashing with a self-adhering back side makes a roof more durable and prevents problems with indoor humidity and mold.

Flashing from other manufacturers can be made of other material and have other product specifications.

What is Flex-Flashing made from?

SabetoFLEX Flex-Flashing is comprised of a Top foil of UV-resistant Polyisobutylene (PIB), a stainless steel or aluminum mesh, and a back side of butyl with PIB.

Flashing from other manufacturers often include:  Polyisobutylene (PIB), Butyl Rubber (BR),Polymer, Polypropylene and Polyolefin – they often also include an internal mesh made from aluminum.

While lead flashing is still legal in most of the world, it has been banned in Denmark for over a decade, as it is a known carcinogen, is particularly harmful to young children  and has negative environmental impact.

Pro-tip: If there is no table of contents on the product or website, call a salesperson and prepare to be entertained, as the Flashing in question is most likely poor quality or frequently contain toxic substances and has a shorter life cycle or has many limitations.

What are steel flashings made from?

SabetoFLEX steel roof flashings are produced from hot-dip galvanized steel which is often powder coated.

Flashing from other manufacturers are typically produced from: aluminum, stainless steel, zinc, hot-dip galvanized sheeting or plates etc.

Flex flashing vs. Steel flashing – which should I choose?

Flex-Flashing, unlike steel flashing, can be formed into/onto all types of roofing materials.

Metal Flashing is only used for roofs with felt roofing.

Why does the Flex material have a self-adhering back side?

SabetoFLEX Flashing has a major up-side in that it can adhere to almost every known building material including wood, roofing tiles and felt, steel, aluminum, hard vinyl, concrete, and hot-dip galvanized sheeting when the surface is cleaned and free of dirt, moss etc. This means that the product is fast, safe, and easy to work with.

If the surface is very rough or porous, we recommend applying either our Activator Spray or our Adhesive Spray for optimal adhesion.

Can SabetoFLEX Flashing adhere to a damp surface?

If the surface is damp, you can use SabetoFIX Universal Assembly glue, which is moisture curing. Alternatively, you can use our new Activator Spray or use heat to remove the moisture.

What does SabetoFLEX manufacture?

All our products at SabetoFLEX are manufactured in Denmark.

SabetoFLEX offers a wide variety of  eco-friendly, sustainable roof flashings and coverings, as well as all kinds of penetration flashing and vapor/radon barriers.

We also offer a wide range of jacketing materials for technical insulation etc.

Our  dynamic products are based on cutting edge research and with both the environment and your bottom line in mind.

Our products are uniquely designed to be much easier to mount than other similar products on the market.

Subsequently SabetoFLEX products are even more flexible than similar products, even at very low temperatures.

Do the products need after treatment/sealing?

No, if the installation instructions are followed and our guidelines are adhered to, finishing is not necessary. It saves time and money while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

How long is the guarantee on SabetoFLEX products?

There is a 20-year total guarantee on all our flex and steel products, provided the installation instructions are followed and our guidelines are complied with. There is a 10-year total guarantee on SabetoFIX Universal Assembly Glue.

Which type of Flashing do I choose?

Steel or Flex-Flashing? Here are some pro-tips.

The most important things to think about when choosing the right Flashing are:

Building material: What type of material needs Flashing or Covering?

Metal roof sheeting, roofing tiles, roofing felt, technical insulation, eternit sheeting etc.

Purpose:  What job does the Flashing need to do?

Are you flashing a concrete chimney? Or is it a stove pipe, pipe penetration, ventilation pipe or a plumbing vent?

Measurements: You will need to measure the diameter of the pipe/area you need flashing as well as the roof pitch. Be aware that the cone will be a bit larger than the pipe diameter as it needs to be placed over it. The collar fits snugly.

Regardless of your need, we are constantly striving to deliver the best products and solutions.

How do I measure the pitch of my roof?

There are several apps you can install on your smart phone that can help you quickly and easily measure your roof pitch. When using a smartphone app to calculate roof pitch be sure to place your phone on an even surface like a plank of wood or a level and that the surface is resting on two or more tiles.

Link to App (iPhone)

Link to app (Android)

All our Flashing cover multiple degrees, so your measurements do not have to be exact.

Does SabetoFLEX sell Flashing for all types of pipes and pitches?

At SabetoFLEX we produce Flex-Flashing and steel flashing for all standard pipe sizes. But we are also happy to produce special sizes.

The smallest Flashing, we produce fits a Ø50mm pipe.

The largest we make fits a Ø1250mm pipe. Please provide exact pipe diameter. Measure diagonally over the pipe or use a piece of string to measure the circumference and % it by 3.14 for the diameter.

We provide customized products under certain circumstances after agreement.

Feel free to ring for more information. Click here

Should you grout Flex-Flashing across the counter flow on a roofing sheet?

Ideally, both sides of the Flashing should end on a downward arch, so any water is channeled away from the flashing. This is best achieved by ensuring that the flashing ends on a downward wave of the roof or something similar. If this is not possible the Flashing will need to be grouted with SabetoFIX Universal Assembly glue.

Installation on a steel sheet roof is possible if you grout the edges of our flashing which are in the path of the water with our glue. Always remember to grout along any juncture in the steel sheeting a minimum of 2 meters upwards from the flashing so that no water can build up under the juncture.

Smooth at the joint with soapy water to prevent standing water.

Do I have to grout steel-flashing to the roofing felt along the edges?

Yes, always. This ensures tight seal between the felt and the steel plate and prevents standing water. Use here SabetoFIX Universal Assembly glue and smooth the glue with soapy water so that the joint is completely sealed.

Is SabetoFLEX Flashing compatible with all roof pitches?

The conical shape of the cone and collar provides a certain flexibility in relation to the roof pitch.

We produce Flashings in the following pitch intervals: 0-9°, 10-32°, 31-45°, 46-65°

What is SabetoFLEX Flex-Flashing made from, is it eco-friendly and toxin free?

Our Flex-Flashing  contains a top layer of UV-resistant Polyisobutylene (PIB), a mesh made from either stainless steel or aluminum and a Butyl Rubber (BR) bottom layer with PIB.

SabetoFLEX Flex-Flashing, which contains PIB og butyl, has an excellent age resistance and is versatile, sustainable, environmentally friendly and can be repurposed.

Flex-Flashing containing PIB and BR are renowned for their multiple resistances which include:

  • Aging
  • UV and ozone
  • Weathering
  • Roofing felt (can be heated along with the felt)
  • Pressure treated wood
  • Zink
  • Copper
  • Salt water
  • Chemicals
  • Heat
  • Vibrations

None of our products we produce at SabetoFLEX contain PFAS or biocides.


Is it necessary to know the contents of my roofing products?

Yes, it is always a good idea to know the contents of your products, so that you have a clear conscience and uphold local environmental policy when building.

To be certain that the material you choose is even suitable for what you need it for (or is even legal) you need to know what the manufacturer recommends, and which and what precautions they take.

SabetoFLEX flex material contains PIB: which used in products like  chewing gum and hand cream, insulin syringes etc. When compare to other types of rubber, PIB offers more than eight times the vapor resistance. PIB is also extremely resistant to oxidation and can remain flexible in temperatures as low as -40C.

Polymer: SabetoFLEX does not recommend Flashing that is produced only from Polymer as it has been labeled environmentally harmful by  the Danish Environment Agency  as it is harmful to the environment, pollutes both air and water, and has  poor resistance to UV, salt, water, copper and roofing felt.

Polypropylene: Despite it being one of the green alternatives for use in things like plastic bags for its unique degenerative  abilities when exposed to prolonged sunlight, this means it is not the best solution when it comes to your roof…which is, naturally, exposed to prolonged sunlight.

Polyolefin: While Polyolefin is durable, it’s recent overproduction and lack of biodegradability was highlighted in a 2022 study as being “one of the dominant factors responsible for the accumulation of plastic waste in the environment” and that current recycling methods can “cause serious health problems in humans, including cancer, birth defects, and damage to the nervous system”. So, not very green or friendly.

How do I find the correct size of flashing

Our specification of dimensions shall match your pipe diameter and roof pitch. We have allowed for the necessary space between pipe and cone to let the flashing slip over the pipe.

Do you make custom-made products?

Yes, we do make custom-made products to some extent. Ask for specific needs.

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