WakaFLEX and accessories



Special advantages:
Self-vulcanising. Join pieces of material together without using adhesives.
60% stretchable in all directions. Manually mouldable.

The material is UV- and colour resistant according to DIN 16726. Resistant to direct sun. Resistant to very high temperatures, -40o to + 100o according to DIN 52133.

Made of polyisobutylene with integrated, flexible aluminium grid.



WakaFLEX comes in 5  m rolls width 28 cm or 56 cm. The rolls are provided with butyl tape in both sides.



SabetoFLEX saddle

400 mm x 5 m, heraf 100 mm flæser.









SabetoFIX Adhesive






25 x 1 mm x 30 m
12 x 1,2 mm x 15 m


Cleaning tissues

Cartons of 100 pcs