Flex flashings 


Lead free flexible flashings for chimneys, ventilations, exhaust etc.
Flashing plate of WakaFLEX, cone of galvanized steel.
The WakaFLEX plate is provided with butyl strips in both sides                                                              
Pipe dimensions from Ø 50 up to Ø 1250 mm


roof pitch 5-32°

roof pitch 31-45° 


roof pitch 46-65°


Colour combinations


Grey WakaFLEX with bright cone



Grey WakaFLEX with powder coated black cone 



Black WakaFLEX with bright cone



Black WakaFLEX with powder coated black cone



Red WakaFLEX with bright cone



Red WakaFLEX with powder coated black cone